Markopoulo – A mixture of urban and rural

Are you one of the Athenians who have been looking for a part of Attica which will offer you the advantages of the capital, but at the same time you can enjoy life outside the hustle and bustle of a big city? Are you thinking about moving to Greece from abroad or investing in a property, but you don’t know the regions of Attica well and what they can offer you?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, we encourage you to read our article below about the town of Markopoulo and its surroundings. In this article, we will analyse life in the area from several perspectives, in order to help you make a better decision!

A few historical facts…

Markopoulo (Greek: Μαρκόπουλο) is surrounded by the towns  of Keratea, Koropi, Kalyvia Thorikou and Kouvaras. North of Markopoulo is located the town of Spata and Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, with which there is a direct road connection via motorway and 5 minutes drive. It is the final destination of the Attica Odos, a modern motorway that connects many areas of Attica, reducing driving times to a minimum.

Today’s Markopoulo is a historical continuation of the settlement that was created by Arvanites in 1835. The area has been inhabited for thousands of years, as evidenced by the findings from excavations in the area of ​​the Hippodrome, which dated back to the Stone Age and cover many periods of time. The temple of  ancient goddess Artemis (Diana) is situated in Vravrona area, which is part of Markopoulo municipality. Historical references to the wider region can be found in tragedies (Iphigenia in Avlidis) and in mythology. As far as recent history is concerned, we highlight the fact that the then Municipality of Arafinos had Markopoulo as its capital and was established for the first time by the decree of the Bavarian Regency (Government Gazette 17 of 11.11.1835).

Central point of transport and business activities in Attica

Markopoulo is surrounded by the towns of Keratea, Koropi, Kalyvia Thorikou and Kouvaras. North of Markopoulo is located the town of Spata and Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, with which there is a direct road connection via motorway and 5 minutes drive. It is the final destination of the Attica Odos, a modern motorway that connects many areas of Attica, reducing driving times to a minimum. In short, Markopoulo is laying in a strategic location, with easy and quick access to several areas.

Soon, with the plans already submitted, the extension of the suburban railway is also expected, which will end up to the Port of Lavrio and will include a stop in Markopoulo, thus connecting the port with the city centre and the surrounding industrial areas of Kalyvia, Kouvara, Keratea, Daskaleio, Kalopigadou and Lavriou.

Next to Markopoulo main residential area lays the low emissions industrial park where many reputable Greek companies have their factories but international companies to such as the German supermarket giant Lidl and the American courier TNT. The town is therefore an ideal location for those who work in the area and are looking for their own property for themselves and their family.


A breath away from the most beautiful beaches

Porto Rafti the seaside resort and its small port is located only 10 kilometres away from Markopoulo and is a favourite destination for Athenians and non-Athenians alike especially in the summer months. What’s better than a dip and a breath of fresh air during the summer months, only a 10 minutes drive away! At the same time, luxurious as well as traditional taverns will satisfy even the most demanding palates, while lovers of water sports will find many options for entertainment. Finally, you’ll also find long sandy beaches with some of the best nightclubs and cafés to pair with your nights out.

For more, read our article on Porto Rafti.

If you still prefer the quieter seaside places, you can travel the short distance to Vravrona and Chamolia. It is definitely worth devoting some time to the temple of Vravronia Artemis, which was one of the oldest and most sacred ancient temples in Attica, while during your wanderings in Chamolia you can discover quiet coves for moments of relaxation by the beach, taste local dishes in shops or enjoy your drink by the pool in a luxurious hotel in the area.


Markopoulo has meant good wine for years

Markopoulo was for decades a predominantly rural area. The fertile soil of the area is suitable for crops such as vines, olives and pistachio trees as well as various fruit and vegetables. Wine lovers will not be disappointed as a host of renowned wines are grown in the area and exported around the world. Markopoulo was the centre of the creation of the oldest viticultural cooperative in Greece, and not without reason. It has been identified with some of the best wine labels nationwide. Today, you can still wander through the rich vineyards, take a tour of wineries, taste wines accompanied by fine appetizers, take part in wine tasting evenings. You can also visit the wine museum and discover all the secrets of wine production.

For the more daring, Markopoulo, with its ideal climatic conditions and its fertile soil, might be the place to own your very own vineyard.


And what happens in the winter?

With the 2004 Olympiad, in addition to road construction projects, the most modern horse racing venue in Greece was created, and so far unique. The building housed all the matches and events that took place and were transferred from Tzitzifies. You can watch the horse races, show jumping or cross-country or find a local club to get in touch with these wonderful animals and take some riding lessons.

If you are one of these people who have not yet lived in a semi-urban area and are wondering what life is like in Markopoulo especially in winter time, we can assure you that you won’t be deprived of anything!

The area has many retail shops, small and large supermarket options. You will also be able to find products from local producers directly. The town has public services and shops such as hairdressers, beauty salons, etc. but also a health centre that serves the community but also lots of private practices for almost every speciality in the medical proffession.

The activities you will find in the area include the classic sports such as clubs and courts for basketball, volleyball, football. You will also find gyms with a multitude of services such as martial arts, pilates, ballet, dance. In the field of education, Markopoulo has several public schools and kindergartens, foreign language centres and private schools. In addition, you can take part in local theatre groups, choirs and more unusual activities such as horse riding, experiential horse games, track climbing etc.


Here you will find the property that suits you

The properties available in the Markopoulo area can satisfy all requirements and wallets. You can find apartments in high-rise buildings that belong to the main residential network, renovated as well as newly built. Don’t forget that Markopoulo has experienced strong growth in recent years, as mentioned, so most of the apartments available are no more than 20 years old. You will be able to choose between large apartments with many rooms, as well as two-room apartments or studios. Prices range from 80,000 and can reach 170,000 euros if we add the unobstructed view factor.

Markopoulo is particularly suitable for those who would like their own personal space. More specifically, several acres of land are available for those who have the capital to build and give their home their own touch. They can also find several places that can combine the house together with some cultivation. If you are one of those people who are excited by the prospect of growing your own vegetables or having your own fruit trees, then you will surely find something here to satisfy you.

Markopoulo also offers large estates with ample spaces and luxurious properties of several hundreds of square meters. If your dream is to be surrounded by a large garden, lawned areas, swimming pools, outdoor barbecue areas then your search in the area will pay off. The prices are relatively lower when compared with the rest of Attica, so you can make bargain purchases.

If you want a large house in the residential area, then in Markopoulo you will find several maisonettes with a small garden. The square footage varies and the prices go up with increasing luxary and location. Prices range from 150,000 euros to half a million for properties located within large plots.


In summary, we could say that Markopoulo is a semi-urban area that will not deny you the luxury of city life with the activities it offers! At the same time, it maintains its rural character, offering peace and quiet, with proximity to nature and a feeling of liberation from the stress of the city. The ideal solution for those who seek or cannot move away from the beloved Athens city centre, but at the same time want to add quality to their lives!

If you are interested in the real estate market of Markopoulo and the wider area, and want to discuss it with the experts, AS and U is at your disposal!