The Best Seaside Resorts In Attica

Porto Rafti: quality of life a breath away from the center

For those who do not want to be too far away from the mundane but at the same time have their peace and quiet, then Porto Rafti is an option that should be taken very seriously. It is the favourite place but also the refuge of many Athenians as it stands out for its wonderful beaches, long coastline and natural beauty. If these words describe you, then the area will certainly not disappoint you!

Its relatively short distance from the centre of Athens has given it an advantageous position compared to other suburbs and areas. This is one reason why, from an area with holiday homes, it has turned into a permanent residence of 10 thousand people in a few years. This particular area saw a lot of development after the 2004 Olympics. The new Athens Airport (only a quarter of a drive away!) and other road projects contributed to this. It takes about 35 minutes by car from the centre of the capital, a time that may be significantly reduced with the upcoming extension of the Attica road to Rafina!

Porto Rafti

If you are a lover of the sea, water sports, fishing, sailing and related activities that you fit into your daily life, then take your time and seriously consider the option of relocating to Porto Rafti. And the list of positives does not end here! We also recommend it for those who cannot move away from their beloved Athens centre and what it offers, but at the same time they want to give quality in their lives away from the stressful rhythms and bustle of the city.

But what about services and shops? The answer is that in this particular area you can find what you are looking for! Activities for every age group, schools, mall, supermarket and retail options. Therefore, if you are troubled by a question about family matters, we will tell you the following: You will not lose, and you will not have difficulty! What’s more beautiful than waking up with a view of the sea, next to greenery?

In Porto Rafti you are also very likely to find the house you have always dreamed of! Whether you are looking for a maisonette with a large garden and pool, or an apartment with one or more rooms with a sea view, or a simple detached house. The prices are determined according to the age of the building and the year of construction, the distance from the sea and whether there is an unobstructed view to it, easy access and more.

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Chamolia: the hidden gem of Attica

The beach you will see appears at the top of the list of the best beaches in Attica. And not without reason we can say, as it looks like a small earthly paradise with green and crystal clear waters. Also, you will find natural rocks-pools for endless dives.

The settlement of the same name is located between Artemida (Loutsa) and Porto Rafti. The route from Porto Rafti can be described as enchanting as it passes through a dense pine forest. It is located at a distance of one hour from the centre of Athens. However, you can also reach the area from Markopoulo and Loutsa by following the respective routes.

Whether you want to arrive via Markopoulo or via Loutsa we would recommend you to make a stop at the Archaeological Site of Vravrona. The Temple of Artemis (Diana in English) was one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Attica. According to mythology, in the sanctuary there was the statue of the goddess Diana that had been brought by Orestes and Iphigenia as they returned from the Trojan war. A short distance from the archaeological site, you will also find the Museum with the findings of the area.


Another part that you should not miss are the wonderful tavernas of Chamolia, which are flooded mainly by Athenians (and not only!), which will satisfy even the most demanding palates. What’s better than a seafood meal next to the sea, accompanied by the sound of the waves? Among them, we highlight the Nisos cafe-bar with its excellent view, where you can enjoy your meal or drink with the sunset as a background.

The wider area of Chamolia also includes the Polytechnio settlement, which administratively belongs to the Municipality of Markopoulo. There, you can find a variety of luxury and exquisitely constructed properties, newly built or renovated. Mainly maisonettes and single-family houses are available, the main feature of which is the fantastic and unobstructed view. In addition, many properties have a swimming pool or garden, giving an extra touch of luxury.

If you are a resident of the wider area of Chamolia, you will need to travel a few kilometres for your basic food supplies. More specifically, the nearest supermarket is in Porto Rafti. But don’t forget that every paradise has a small price!

Kakia Thalassa: a favorite seaside settlement

If you are a resident of Athens, you have surely been in this area to enjoy your weekend swim or for a close escape from the bustling capital. The reason for this is the area of Kakia Thalassa, which geographically belongs to the wider area of Keratea and is only 40 kilometres from the centre of Athens, with which it is connected via Lavriou Avenue. It is without doubt one of the best beaches of Attica.

It is a seaside settlement in the south-east of Attica, built in front of the homonymous beach, which has plenty of greenery. And if you have imagined yourself swimming in the deep blue waters, how would you like the idea of living there? If your dream is to face the endless blue of the Aegean as you wake up, in a peaceful environment, then look no further!

Κακή Θάλασσα

The area currently has more than 200 permanent residents, a number that becomes much larger at weekends and especially in the summer. Several hotels, rentals and restaurants with local seafood are active in the area. A short distance away is the town of Keratea, points which can serve all your needs in basic goods, retail shops, public services and activities.

In the area you can find mainly detached houses as well as maisonettes of various dates with a garden or within large plots. There are also quite a few luxury properties. There are also apartments, but they are spacious and have enough rooms. We could comment that the prices are not considered unapproachable, except for some exceptions.

Kakia Thalassa is the ideal destination for those looking to find their own personal refuge and the tranquillity of an area that at the same time does not renounce the connection with the capital. If you identify with these characteristics, then don’t stop at the name and give it a chance!

Nea Makri: a wonderful combination of forest and sea

Nea Makri is an amazing town and is now considered a suburb of the big city. It spreads on the North-Eastern side of Attica and administratively belongs to the Municipality of Marathon.

It is an ideal destination for those who love greenery and crystal clear waters. We could say that the pine forest literally touches the beach. It is a destination for many Athenians as well as foreign residents who want to escape from the demanding everyday life. Most of the beaches are organized, some of them with well-known beach bars and meeting places for water sports lovers, but always keep in mind that you can find “hidden gems” just for you on the lacy shores.

Νέα Μάκρη

In Nea Makri, however, the visitor, as well as the permanent resident, has the opportunity to dive into the history of the place. The town has archaeological sites that testify to the importance of the area. However, the main residential area as we know it today was established after the arrival of a batch of refugees from Asia Minor, who literally transformed the landscape.

Access is easy. The city centre is located 32 km from Athens via Mesogion and Marathon Avenues and is only 12 km from Athens International Airport, while it is also connected to Attiki Odos. The permanent population amounts to around 15 thousand inhabitants.

In the area, you can find properties for every taste and according to every requirement. Some of the most luxurious properties in Attica are located in this area and depending on the amount you want to spend and the needs, you can find the right one and customize it completely to your needs!

If you are interested in buying real estate in any of the above areas and want to discuss it with the experts, AS and U is at your disposal!