Agia Marina (Koropiou) – “The new settlement of Attica”

Agia Marina Koropiou / Kropias (Greek: Αγία Μαρίνα Κορωπίου / Κρωπίας) is for those who are looking for a life close to the centre, but also want their own place right next to the sea. The area was known as Alikos until the 19th century due to the name of a well in which an inscription with that name was found. A landmark of the area is the Church of Agia Marina, which everyone admires while taking a walk along the beach. The Temple was completed in 1947 after the end of World War II. After the completion of the temple, the area was named Agia Marina and now belongs to the municipality of Kropia.

Agia Marina is a seaside residential area on Attica’s south-western coast. If you would like to read more about communities in the region, we recommend our articles on: Lagonisi, Saronida and Anavyssos.


The opening of Athens-Souniou Road gave impetus to development in the region. The settlement was only officially recognised in 2001. The area has developed rapidly in recent years, particularly after the opening of Athens International Airport. The beach of Agia Marina is visited by many people in the summer. The larger part is organized, with well-known beach bars and meeting places for water sports enthusiasts, but always keep in mind that you can find “hidden gems” for more privacy.


As far as the properties of the area are concerned, the properties available are less compared to the rest of the areas. You’ll also need to dig a little deeper into your pocket as luxury properties with great outdoor spaces dominate the market. What’s better than drinking your coffee with a view of the Saronic bay, or even having exclusive access to a private beach?

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However, if you intend to settle in Agia Marina, you may need to travel a kilometre or two for your necessities. The settlement is sparsely populated, and there are scattered shops and shopping centres along the main roads. Your advantages as well as the view of the Saronikos bay really do deserve a small concession!


If you are interested in the real estate market of Agia Marina, and want to discuss it with the local experts, AS & U is at your disposal!