Residing in Anavyssos, “The Seaside Beauty”

If you are a resident of Athens, you have surely been in Anavyssos (Greek: Ανάβυσσος) to enjoy your swim or to find some peace from the noise of Athens. The reason for this is the area of Anavyssos, which geographically belongs to the wider Saronic region and is based 50 kilometres from the centre of Athens. It is connected with the town centre via Souniou Avenue. It is a seaside settlement on Attica’s south-western coast, built in front of the homonymous beach that covers one kilometre of sand!

The history of the area’s habitation goes back to prehistoric times. The archaeological sites of the settlements in Agios Nikolaos and the islet of Arcina are the first signs of human presence. The ancient name of the area was Anaphlystos and the archaeological dig has revealed a multitude of fine artefacts, which are available to admire in the museum of Vravrona.

Anavyssos is a seaside residential area on Attica’s south-western coast. If you would like to read more about communities in the region, we recommend our articles on: Lagonisi, Saronida and Agia Marina Koropiou.


In Anavyssos and Lavrio, silver was mined, from which coins were made in Ancient Athens. A characteristic of the area are the salt pans that were active until the 1960s. Now, the beach in front of the salt flats is a meeting place for surfers from all over Attica and other fans of water sports. The area currently has more than 8,000 permanent residents, a number that increases on weekends and especially in summer.

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Several hotels and a few of the most luxurious properties are operating in the area, as well as rooms for rent, restaurants with local seafood dishes, beach bars and more. Life in Anavyssos goes on even in winter. As it is a place of residence for more than enough people, you will not miss anything, and you will not give up your favourite hobbies. Several shops and a multitude of professionals offering their services in various industries, public services and more.


In the area, you can find properties for all budgets. Some of the most luxurious properties in Attica, mainly holiday homes, are located in this area and depending on the amount you wish to invest, you can find the right one and make it perfectly suited for you!


If you are interested in the real estate market of Anavyssos, and want to discuss it with the local experts, AS & U is at your disposal!