Life in Saronida, “The Balcony of Attica”

Saronida (Greek: Σαρωνίδα) is a little further down the road from Lagonisi and 45 kilometres from the Athens city centre. The natural balcony of Attica, as we could call it, offers a gradual slope from the sea level to the mountain and is now recognized as a permanent place of residence for more and more people who are looking for an oasis of tranquillity, magnificent views just a step away from central Athens. The area also is characterized by a very busy main street leading from the beach to the mountain top.

Saronida is located at the intersection of Souniou and Saronida Avenues, through which access to the area is also possible. It covers an area of 6,670 acres and by the recent population census there are 3,000 permanent residents living there. Public transportation such as bus lines connected the area with the rest of the Attica.

Saronida is a seaside residential area on Attica’s south-western coast. If you would like to read more about communities in the region, we recommend our articles on: Lagonisi, Anavyssos and Agia Marina Koropiou.


For those wondering what is special about Saronida, we will start with the beach area. A sandy beach providing easy access, crystal clear waters but also plenty of shade as it is surrounded by many trees. Individual umbrellas are available for public use. It is a beautiful and easy choice for your daily swim, especially for those with a family. During the peak season, the beach is relatively crowded, but without loud music and beach bars.

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Saronida could offer the resident quality, but also the joy of the seaside town. Plenty of businesses that will satisfy the daily needs such as shopping, recreation, food. It also provides public services, medical centres and schools. If you are a fan of alternative activities, then the nearby forest of Kouvaras and the sea, are offered for your hobbies!


The area not only shows strong signs of tourist development, but a general interest for permanent residence. It is particularly suitable for those who do not want to renounce the luxury of living close to the capital, but at the same time want to avoid the intense pace of life. There is also a demand for short-term rental properties, as many Athenians and foreign visitors choose to spend a few days in the area. Large and luxurious properties play a leading role, however, you can also find some smaller apartments in the main residential area. So, take the opportunity!


If you are interested in the real estate market of Saronida, and want to discuss it with the local experts, AS & U is at your disposal!